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about us

mandy: I am going to pretend that I like talking about myself here and let you in on a few facts about me :
My boys are my world.
I am the worlds pickiest eater, no really I am.
Nachos and Spaghetti are my favorite foods, I could live on them.
I love photography because I love to make people happy.
I hate having my picture taken.
If I could pick a different profession, I would be a tailor so I can make my own clothes.
I like to travel and enjoy exploring new places.

you can get to know me better on: twitter & facebook.

me: since I like to keep people guessing, I will only share a few fun facts about me that may interest you.
I love my boys and enjoy sharing my inner geek with them.
I love playing basketball( I am a legend in my own head).
Creativity is what keeps me going.
My blood type is chocolate.
Apple rules, PC = Piece of Cr*p.
I tend to go the extra mile to please others no matter how much extra work it may mean to me.
I love taking pictures.

you can get to know me better on twitter & I am too cool for facebook.

warning: images by mandy&me may cause tingling sensation, fast heart rate and mind blowing. If these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours contact your photographer immediately.