about us

mandy: first you must know I am shy, not a snob. I love my boys and spend anytime I am not working with them. I am the worlds pickiest eater, no really I am. I love photography because I love to make people happy. I hate having my picture taken. I watch “that 70′s show” pretty much every night. I am addicted to facebook, twitter and nachos. I am terrified of frogs. ok, that’s enough for now, I don’t give up all my info on the first date.

you can get to know me better here: twitter & facebook

me: I am your new best friend, when you hire me you get 2 in 1: a photographer and a body guard. I may look intimidating but I am really just a geek. I am an amateur basketball legend in my own head, if you want an autograph just ask nicely. don’t believe me when I say it is the last picture because it never is :) chocolate runs in my veins, no you can’t have a bite:) If you want rad and unique pictures you know where to find me, bring your friends too .

you can get to know me better on twitter & I am too cool for facebook.

warning: images by mandy &me may cause tingling sensation, fast heart rate and mind blowing. If these symptoms persist for more than 24 hours contact your photographer immediately.